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Does anyone know if it's possible to access other Streetlife communities?  I dabble a bit in family history, was raised in Stoke Newington in London, and this is probably where most of my history lies.  There's one elusive relative I'm trying to trace, so posting on a London website, although it's probably a long-shot, might yield something.
Many thanks.


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Maureen B
Have you looked at Stoke Newington news?You might find somwthing on there.
Also have you tried Ancestry to try  and find your family members.If you haven't got Ancestry,pm me and I will try and help you find them.
Matthew G
Just type stoke newington into the search box at the top of the page and you should find it.
Very many thanks, Maureen and Matthew.  I hadn't even heard of Stoke Newington News! (I've been away a very long time!).  But will definitely check it out.  I know about Ancestry, but am not a subscriber, although I do sub. to Genes Reunited, which has yielded loads of info.  And I hardly dare admit it, but I'd actually never noticed the search box at the top until Matthew mentioned it!  I'll do that too. 

Advice very much appreciated.
Leslie R
  hi maureen try wiki familysearch join 
 library and ancestry free
Leslie R
hi jay have you  had a look at wikifamilysearch or join libaray and search ancestry its free
No, Leslie, I didn't know that wiki had a family search thing, either.  So that's another thing I'll try.  And I didn't know that you could access Ancestry at the library.  Yet another possibility.  So many thanks for the tips!
Stella H
Why not join a family tree forum.  I belong to one and have had loads of help from it, all free of charge. It is a great forum where you can ask help from professional genealogists, all free.

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