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Supperclub- Sat 28 Jan- 1 night only -

I think I saw a posting a while back for someone looking for local good food.I know of a local supper club ( pop up type) not around for long--1 night only.I was lucky enough to go twice last year and cannot recommend this highly enough.If you are into fine dining , with often a little twist, and want to meet local people in SW17, do PM me and I will pass on the details.Chef is exec chef at RFH and wife is hospitality-they are a great team, and if you like cooking you can see it all being done, as we eat in their kitchen ! It is on Sat 28 Jan , I think ver limited spaces left, and is aperitif, canapés, 5 course menu and coffee/mint tea for £32, all on our doorstep !

It's £32 and you get your aperitif on arrival Canapes and a 5 course menu with coffee and mint tea .


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lesley s

I would be interested - any space left?

victoria c

I was researching supper clubs only last week.... As was thinking of doing one myself. This one ...if its the same one looked very good.The chef works at Alison Price - possibly the best caters in London.I think it was called Broadway lofts or something, they had a Facebook page and the food looked excellent, what you would expect from an AP chef ( I worked there myself a long time ago)

Selina S

It is indeed the same one ..Broadway Lofts Supperclub ...


Great idea - anyone know how one finds out about these things.  I tried googling a while back but couldn't see anything,  i guess it's just word of mouth?

Will try and convince the wife to do one!


Oh i'm really sad, would love to go along however I'm away this weekend. How do I get on the mailing list so I know about future events? Trust that everyone going this evening will have a fabulous time... :-)

rachel s

Do they have a mailing list - would love to go along to a future event. 

Brick Box inactive

Hi all, The Brick Box cafe in Tooting Market did a week's popup restaurant in December to sell-out success so we're planning to start it up again soon. Pop in for more info and I'll post it here too! x


Sounds great fun. I'd love to do sometime.

Tell me - what is it with women? We are all interested in socialising, in new experiences and new people. Apart from Matt( and sorry Matt you don't count as you have a wife! Lol only joking) where are the men?

Broadway Lofts and Brickbox - Pse pop me on your mailing lists. Thanks



Selina S

Hey everyone.

Its certainly not just for the ladies. Please email Tina who organises this sort of thing at Broadway Lofts Supperclub for more info .

She gathers a mixed bunch of us and we get fine dining and get to meet different people. I have been before with my husband and also brought 2 other couples with us and a second time I went with hubby and about 8  friends all a mixed bunch or parents with and without their other halves from school.

This time, my hubby is away and I wouldn't miss it for the world, so am taking by best friend from school days and also a patient of mine is coming with his wife .I had been telling him about this for over a year and happened to see him in the surgery and tell him about it.

Theres also a concert tonight in Tooting Market !

Brick Box keep me posted ....


Brick Box inactive

Thanks for the support, ladies! Afraid I can't see emails on here but if you'd like to be on our mailing list, just send a note to and we'll sort. 

Happy weekend!


p.s. and yes, we've got a night on in the market tonight - more info here


This sounds great. I've been looking for a local supper club, how exciting!

Tina N

Hi all. My husband and I run the Broadway Lofts Supper club. Great night last night. Thank you to all our Supper Clubbers!..And thank you for your interest. I will reply to your emails....just as soon as I finish washing up! in the mean time you can keep up to date on our FB page. 

Love a Locavore

Hiya all.

I've been running a supperclub for the past 2 and a bit years from my home on Stephendale Road in Fulham.

For many of the dinners, I use as much home grown fruit, herbs, veg and eggs as I can from my parents farm in the Cotswolds, which I visit frequently. I like to cook as seasonally as possible.

Would love to welcome you to one of my events. The is 1 dinner posted at the moment for February 29th which will be Soul Food, more dates to be posted soon but I do do dinners on a monthly basis. I am also able to take bookings for private lunches and dinners in the house.

For more info, please visit my 

- Facebook Group -

- Facebook Page -

- Fans of supperclubs page -

- Website -

Tina N

Hi Love a Locavore

 Great to hear there are more of us "undergrounds" hiding in the local area. I will befriend you on the supper club fan group. If along the grapevine you hear of any really good Japanese, Vietnamese, Malaysian  - in fact any with Asia Pacific food that do really great authentic home cooking I'd be really interested.

Many Thanks

Tina N

Thank you for all your emails. We have confirmed a date for the next Supper Club but unfortunately are already fully booked (happily - with lots of locals and streetlifers !)  Sorry if you missed out again but I will keep you on the waiting list for the next one and add newbies if you wish. 

I am looking for a good local FOOD PHOTOGRAPHER - paid with a 6 course meal ! :0)) unfortunately not at the table ! If anyone knows of someone that may be interested please let them know and give them my details.

Many thanks Tina

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