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Supperclub- Sat 28 Jan- 1 night only -

Selina S inactive in Clapham Park

I think I saw a posting a while back for someone looking for local good food.I know of a local supper club ( pop up type) not around for long--1 night only.I was lucky enough to go twice last year and cannot recommend this highly enough.If you are into fine dining , with often a little twist, and want to meet local people in SW17, do PM me and I will pass on the details.Chef is exec chef at RFH and wife is hospitality-they are a great team, and if you like cooking you can see it all being done, as we eat in their kitchen ! It is on Sat 28 Jan , I think ver limited spaces left, and is aperitif, canapés, 5 course menu and coffee/mint tea for £32, all on our doorstep !

It's £32 and you get your aperitif on arrival Canapes and a 5 course menu with coffee and mint tea .


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