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Waste ground

Hi everyone, does anyone know when they are due to start building on the former Woodside public house site Thunder lane/Plumstead road ? it is such an eyesore but there was a notice to say planning permission had gone through and i think they were to build some flats but still nothing has happened, can anyone through some light on this.


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Brian H
I attended the planning committee meeting last Wednesday where the application was recommended for approval. This was for 9 houses not flats. This item was later on in the agenda than mine so didn't find out the decision but it might have been deferred. Will speak to the planner tomorrow & report back!
Hello - I believe that carriageway drainage works are due to be done on Thunder Lane near the site - probably in January.  This may need to be done before houses are built there.
Susan H
Thanks Brian i look forward to your update, it will be nice to see something being built there after all this time.
Brian H
Hi Susan, The application was approved on the condition of a section 106 agreement. Without looking into it I would imagine that a percentage of the 9 houses will be affordable.

Therefore its a done deal and 9 houses will be built there. Hope that helps! :o)
Susan H
Many thanks for the update Brian.
Brian H
No problem. Any Planning issues, then give me a shout!

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