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Council gritting pathways

Has anyone seen the council gritting paths around the town area, as they have been gritting the pathways between the dock roundabouts!


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Natalie S
I haven't, but they seem to have their work cut out with the roads.
Someone had been to our school and dug out a path, gritted the entrances etc to make it safe for the children. Was very impressed.
Zaax D
The dock pays for that area to be keep clean etc.
Emma H
The only place I have seen the path gritted is outside the cinema and I'm pretty sure they did that themselves. It's a disgrace that people are having to walk on the road because the paths are so treacherous.
Natalie S
It is but maybe the Big Society should step in - that is what is happening in some parts of the county.
The council can't have huge teams on standby to grit every street, road and pavement, all winter long.
It is great that businesses are taking care of their customers, it is rare these days.
Tom C inactive
Yes I agree Natalie ,but isn't or was there some kind of dispute that if a person slipped resulting in injury ,one could be sued for making the paths too slippery.probably a rumour, but there you go, I've still cleaned mine.
Matthew G
Irrespective of any question of whether you could get sued, the important point to remember is that nobody has ever been able to find an example of anyone successfully suing a homeowner under these circumstances.

So yes, the theoretical risk is there, but in practice it simply isn't an issue.
Marc T inactive
What Matthew said.  In law, pedestrians have a responsibility to walk carefully themselves.  If you think about it, if someone could sue you for clearing a path, they could also sue you for NOT clearing a path if they slip and fall.  
So. the onus is on the pedestrian to be careful.
Zaax D
My Italian leather shoes are not designed for ice or snow, so I didn't wear them. If you have the correct footwear there is no reason to slip.
Tom C inactive
Can't afford Italian shoes!!
Zaax D
They are only £12.95 on e-bay

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