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Stop Being Rude & Offensive

Caryn L in Chambercombe
Dear Streetlifer's. Firstly I would like to thank all those who attended today's Streetlifer's Coffee Morning. Secondly, Tony please come back as we all missed you. We all like and respect you and we thought you felt the same about us as a group.

Thirdly, it has become a general consencous that this site has become far too personal and caustic. I have spoken to many people in Ilfracombe since this site was set up, encouraging them to sign up. However, many people do sign up, read some of the posts and rapidly sign off again vowing never to come back. I'd like to point out again that this is a Social Networking site which allows us to basically discuss what is going on in our town/street. We can also make new friends who we can chat to about recipes, how to keep warm in winter, and other lighthearted stuff.

Now, most of us on this site are polite, have manners and the utmost respect for others, their feelings, opinions, value's, beliefs etc. We would not dream of so publically referring to people as cretins just because their opinions are not the same as ours. We wouldn't dream of insulting people's religious belief's or lack of them. Everybody is entitled to have strong views or beliefs; we may not agree with them but it doesn't give us the right to ridicule the individual/s who do. Therefore can we use this site for the reasons it was intended for. For example, to bring people together as a  community and to help put positives into our community.

People are like works of art (and Marmite) - we either like them or dislike them. There are no set rules. However, don't pass judgement until you have met the person you disagree with - most of us/them are actually very nice, genuine kind and caring individuals who especially love and care about about the town we live in.  Obviously we also care about what's going on around the rest of the world but no man/woman, entity has the ability to change the world on their own so let's just focus on our own small plot of land - on this site anyway.

Therefore, we wish to have no more name-calling nor caustic remarks on this site as in future you will be totally ignored and hopefully blocked.

Many thanks for listening x

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