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Arts Omega

Hi we are looking for volunteers ,who would like to assist with our Arts Omega project ..


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Hi.  What sort of volunteering are you looking for.  Looked at the link, it looks amazing and didn't know there was anything like that in the area.  Kat
Edith and Karl E
Hi, our sentiment exactly. I was wondering whether this was an exhibition taking place in New York!
Olympia Z
Hi, I was also wondering what kind of things you need people to do. Olympia
Jacqueline H
Hi everyone ,we are looking for Volunteers who have a keen interest in Art  ,who are confident in communicating with buyers and the general public and are free to assist as invigilators at the Arts Omega event .

There is no payment for this position as we are on a very tight budget ,any interested parties please email me with a cv and a brief pa ragraph , about their previous work experience ...

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