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Capel surgery

Think Capel are poor relation to East Bergholt surgery, much nicer surroundings and atmosphere at Bergholt.


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Capel Mum
I always thought our surgery was brilliant, but since the dispensary became a pharmacy,  the quality of service has really deteriorated.

We have had mistakes with prescriptions -  the wrong number of tablets (too few ) -  have had someone else's repeat prescriptions delivered to us - and no apology or thanks given when we returned them - our repeat prescriptions take longer and longer - we've been told medicines are not available when other chemists can get them - it's not what it used to be.
Gerald W
I have had no problem with the pharmacy, in fact I have found them very helpful and informative.
Geof N inactive
Entirely agree with Capel Mum. 

We have just changed to the Hadleigh practice and , wow ,what a difference! So fast, accurate, and pro-active and so much more done in house (ECG, for example), rather than you being sent up to Ipswich for tests.
Les B
Have you reported problems to the practice manager? Whenever issues like this are raised he says he is unaware of problems, and of course they won an award recently! You could even try the Patient Representative Group (Len Johnson for Capel).
Capel Mum
Thanks. I have just spoken to them direct each time.

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