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NCC redundancy payout to chief executive and democracy

Dennis D in Gorleston-on-Sea
Chief Executive of NCC, annual salary £205,439, plus performance related bonus and contribution to his pension fund giving £256,500 in total p.a., David White, is seeking redundancy because " he admits he doesn't have the level of skill or experience the council will need" He will walk away with £35,439 redundancy payment. More details at: This isn't the first time Mr. White has had a redundancy bonus when according to Thurrock Gazette in 2006 he was removed from his position as chief executive of Thurrock council in 2006 walking away with £347,000 redundancy payment and a pension fund pot of £500,000. This will now be significantly increased by NCC contributions over six years. Eric Pickles MP commented at the time "The amount of money paid out raises an eyebrow! And that's an understatement! More details at: Why is a redundancy payment required when an executive moves from one public body to another? Why does being removed from a position require redundancy? Why when someone admits they aren't suited for the position are they given redundancy unlike the normal person who would have to resign to find another job? This is our money the councils are giving away. The following is an email sent to a resident by councillor Steward a cabinet member of NCC in reply to his request for information on the outer harbour negotiations. email reads: "Essentially, you seem to be attempting to question the validity of decisions made by both Councils in 2007. These decisions were made following proper advice and guidance, and rigorous scrutiny by members. Please note we will not be corresponding further on matters we consider to have been fully explained to you." It seems to say: you have no right to query our decisions. We allow you to vote for us and we rule and decide for you. our decisions are never flawed. There is no need for you to know how we decide policy. All our decisions are rigorously scrutinised by fellow councillors We have told you nothing so please don't have the cheek to try again. So this is councillor Stewards version of democracy don't give the electorate a chance to criticise. Madam, councillors are not super human they do make bad decisions and I and others can give you some expensive examples.

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