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Does anyone know a good ladies hairdresser in the local area (Holt, Sheringham, Cromer) where I can get a good haircut.  I have had a 'graduatd bob' for a number of years and used to go to Craig at Ikandi in Cromer before he moved to Norwich.  Since then I have been unable to find anyone who can tackle my mop to my satisfaction.  I suppose I could Cromer but I would rather go somewhere local.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


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Sue I
I should have said "I suppose I could go to Norwich but would prefer somewhere local"

Sorry for the typo!!!
Susan B
I  recommend Nicola at Genesis in Cromer.  01263 513967
Janet R
I also have a bob and have been going to  Jason at Headway, Beeston Regis. 01263 821055.
He is always very heavily booked and has free parking outside.
Sue I
Many thanks to both of you.

I have been going to Nicola at Genesis and have been fairly happy but not quite as happy as I was with Craig.

I will certainly give Jason a ring to see if he can tackle my 'mop'.

Thanks again - Sue
Jan D
I would recommend Oscars in Sheringham (opposite the Westcliffe Gallery). ' Big Katy' (to distinguish between other Katies there) is a great hairdresser. Always been happy with my hair.

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