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Crown pools

Anyone been to crown pools lately i go most get along as much as i can for a swim, and after all the money spent on the place , you go for a sssss in the mens toilets and there's 3 bucket underneath the urinals? wernt sure whether to use the bucket or urninal ... defnatly could do with a clean pretty disgusting in there paddling through urine, can't be healthy... then they put out signs in the changing rooms telling you caution wet floor , well it's a swimming pool they will be wet , should be in the mens with caution urine on floor...  but at least the pool is still nice... 


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Isaac H
Hahaha I love that comment, caution wet floor!!
Elaine D
It's an instruction, not a warning! Ha Ha
I've recently taken up swimming again and have been going to Crown Pools at least once a week. I've always found it really clean and tidy. There's even a cleaner doing his best to keep the floor and cubicles dry. He does a pretty good job but then I do tend to go during the day midweek when it's fairly quiet. I must admit that the "Caution wet floor" signs always make me smile but I guess it's just another case of health and safety gone mad. If there's still a problem next time you go why not have a word with the staff.
I also visited Fore Street baths just before Christmas for the first time in about 45 years. It's obviously not as roomy but it's well worth a visit if you fancy a change of scene.
Ipswich Borough Council
There was a recent ‘snagging’ problem in the men’s urinals following the refurbishment work. This meant that a panel was leaking and had to be replaced. In the meantime, there had to be a bucket placed near the panel, but the problem has now been fixed and the panel replaced.

The changing rooms are constantly cleaned and monitored, and the staff member works in a ‘square’, hosing down and using cleaning fluids on the floor. As each section is cleaned we have to use the 'Caution Wet Floor' sign to alert customers as slips can be dangerous and the safety of our customers is of paramount importance.
IBC the problem was 3 buckets there yesterday, so assume fixed sometime yesterday, looking forward see the bucket free area on monday... :o)
Ipswich Lad
Exactly what is a "snagging problem"? What was getting snagged, on what?? The mind boggles!
I'm with Alton Water Walk
James M
A snag list is the things you find wrong with a new build that the builder has to come back and fix before there is final acceptance and payment.
well well the buckets are back yesterday and today another snagging problem?? and think they need a new toilet cleaner disgusting yesterday and still the same today, not urinals but the traps ....??
Grainne W
That's why I don't us crown pools even after the refurb YUCK !
Gill S
I went again on Monday night they were scrubbing the changing arrear when we went including the cubicles when we came out of the pool their was hair dirt & fluff on top of the drains and also the toilets did not smell very healthy

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