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missing boy

Please look out for a 19 year old boy called Andrew in Heathway area, he is autistic. He is wearing a Brown puffa jacket and walks with his head down. Been missing from Alibon Road since 11pm. Said he was going to play xbox with friend


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Dawn S
On Facebook it did say that he'd been found in Cambridge, but has no plans to return home. I hope he has been found and this isn't a joke, as the family must be going out of their minds with worry.
Rob G
I hope it isn't a joke, but how would he have got up to Cambridge?Did he have any money with him?But I am sure people will look out for him
Dee S
pls keep us posted on this one.
Barbara N
he has been found safe. He was still in Dagenham so Cambridge thing was a hoax
Dee S
as long as he is safe and well, thats all that matters.
Dawn S
I'm just glad that he's home safe with his family.
Bernadette B
What a worrying time for his family

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