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Christmas carols

I would like to go to a christmas carols event, does anyone know where i can go to one?  I know churches have them but i'm not religious and would feet hypocrytical going along.


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Niki B inactive
Me too, I love Christmas carols but like you don't feel right going to church.  Hope someone replies here with somewhere we can go :)
Andrew D
Sorry i only run services in churches but no one should feel they are not able to come.  Many people are spiritual without being religious and everyone is on a different journey so no one should be pointing fingers at anyone else.

There is a traditional Candlelit service at Akenham church tonight which might be easy to attend - carols, lots of candles (as Akenham doesn't have electricity) readings from the christmas story and NO sermon  :)

We start at 7.30pm and there is plenty of parking on a  field next to the church with the scouts on hand to show the way. It will take jsut about an hour but get there early as it will be quite busy  :)
Why not go to the Evening Star Carol concert at St Mary le Tower this evening. Although it's in a church all proceeds are for charity (the Ambulance service) so that might help your conscience!!
Jacqui B
The candlelit service sounds lovely but a little to far so I'm going to go to the evening star one tonight.  Thank you for the recommendations.  Merry Christmas.
Holly P
I always view Christmas as religious so don't understand what your meaning of religious is and why would you feel hypocritical? I don't get this uncomfortable feeling some people seem to have about going to church.
Jacqui B
I went to the Ipswich star carol concert and it was wonderful, really enjoyed it and will certainly go along again next year.
Andrew D
Wonderful!  so glad you went along.
The Carol Service in the precinct at Capel St Mary - Christmas Eve, 7pm - Sally Ann Band. Perfect start to Christmas as far as I'm concerned.
Shirley H
Agree with Andrew. Both Whitton Parish and Akenham are wonderful.
Heather O
Try Tower hall community centre Broadlands way, 4-5 pm on Monday 24th. Run by rushmere Christian fellowship.

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