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Animal Cruelty - PETA

I came across this link today as the fur trade is in the news because Beyonce has been wearing various animal skins, and it is thought that London fashion week will have animal skins on the catwalks and therefore in subsequent clothing lines.

It is extremely harrowing to watch but please do and pass it on.

Here it is:

Please take a few minutes to take a look - I guarantee you will not contemplate wearing animal skin again! 

This had me sobbing and compelled to pass this on.


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Whilst I completely agree that wearing fur/animal skins is wrong, I'd be a wee bit careful using PETA as a reference to try and educate people...
Tracie A
I'm wasn't trying to educate people using PETA as a reference in particular, but having inadvertently come across this footage I felt compelled to share it and let people make-up their own minds and make their own enquiries.

This footage is pretty compelling. I can't imagine the distress that was endured in capturing the film footage seen on this clip let alone the suffering by the animals. The whole thing is very disturbing - but if this stuff is going on, and in particular on the scale that it seems to be, it seems only right that it should be seen by as many people as possible, in the hope that together we can all make better decisions when buying a 'frivolous' purchase of 'fashion' such as that 'cute' little furry keyring or fur trim around our hoods etc.
Sorry, I don't think I worded that too well. It's just that whenever PETA is made reference too, people can often forget the cause you're trying to raise and vent about how extreme they are as an organisation. I completely agree with what you're saying!
Tracie A
No apology necessary Charleigh :) its a difficult subject matter and you are correct in wanting to be cautious about who we 'promote' or 'support' and in what context it is done. Thanks for reading and responding.
It definitely is a tricky area, one that needs to be highlighted more often though. :)

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