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Unwanted Christmas gifts - do you want to swap?

I hope everyone had a thoroughly lovely Christmas and is looking forward to their new Year celebrations.

As always, I was thoroughly spoiled by friends and family but, inevitably, there were presents that just weren't suitable.

My partner, having seen a copy of Kirstie Allsopp's Craft book around the house, decided to buy me the latest how to guide from the property expert - Kirstie's Vintage Home 
Sadly, the original was an unwanted gift from last year that I had dug out to sell on eBay! Oops. As lovely as the book is, I am the most impatient person I know and far too busy to make my own.

He has the receipt for the latest book but I dread going back into town so thought I would see if anyone else has an unwanted gift that they wanted to swap for my book?
It retails at about £12.

Perhaps you have something else you would like to swap? If we all post here, we could find we all have something that someone else wants.


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Toby P.
I've got some medium size M&S underpants that I'd like to swap for large size.
Natalie S
Not sure I can help there Douglas.
Toby P.
Just hope the wife can find the receipt otherwise I'll need to go on a diet.
Cancer Campaign in Suffolk
Or ...we're running a Christmas present amnesty for unwanted pressies.  We have lots of fundraising events lined up for 2013 which we'll need to source raffle and auction prizes for, so, if any Streetlifers want to donate their underwanted pressies, that would be very much appreciated.  All items considered, but need to be unused and preferably in original packaging and/or with labels. 

For anyone who doesn't know about us, Cancer Campaign in Suffolk is your local cancer charity dedicated to providing advice, information, education and support before, during and after cancer. Every pound donated to Cancer Campaign in Suffolk stays in the local community for the benefit of all Suffolk cancer patients, their families and carers.

Sorry Douglas, but not sure we could raffle underpants!
Kathie J
Where can I drop the items off please? I'm Ipswich based.
Natalie S
That is great news. Can you send us any pics and perhaps 300 words so we can add it to our New Year site?


Many thanks

Sandra C
i would like to make a donation, could you tell me where to send .
Toby P.
The hospital is always glad of toiletries.
Cancer Campaign in Suffolk
Thank you Kathie and Sandra for your kind offers.  Donations to:

Cancer Campaign in Suffolk
39-41 Elm Street

If it helps, we're right next door to Gotelee's and our office is usually open between 9.30 am and 5.00 pm, although as there's only 3 of us, it's best to phone first and check someone's in.  Our number is 01473 211884.  If by chance no-one's in you can always leave it with Gotelee's next door.

Natalie, thanks for your offer too and I've emailed you separately.
Cancer Campaign in Suffolk
Oh, yes, it might help to have our email address:


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