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Lia B
in Shipley
Looking for a knowledgeable somebody to diagnose the state of walls in our home in Saltaire.

Very recently purchased the house, and stripping off wood-chip wall paper to reveal a whole array of random patch work, modern plaster on top of old wallpaper, crumbling surprises, and the welcome sight of wholly intact walls of modern plaster.

Looking to do as much of the work to the house as we can ourselves, but know our knowledge is limited.

To have a professional come in and tell us what is what in terms of potential problems we might otherwise overlook because the plaster looks good, or ugly bits which are absolutely fine and just need a skim, would be invaluable.

In time we will need a plaster to do what we definitely can't (stairwell and ceilings), so it would be great to find someone highly recommended even though we're just starting out.

Much appreciated!