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Wedding cars

Does anybody know of a company or individual that has a old vintage/classic car for a wedding. We don't want a Jag or limousine or anything modern looking and unfortunately that's all we seem to be able to find.


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Elizabeth G
Back in 2008 I wanted a special birthday present for my partner and hired a Rolls Royce for a day from a firm near Newton Abbott and they drove us all round Dartmoor. 

Afraid I can't track down the name but they had about a dozen old cars and the service was fantastic. Quite expensive to come out here though.

Try putting in classic cars for hire on the internet. Sure you'll find something.  

Good luck.
Thank you I'll try doing that again and type in Newton abbot this time
Brigitte G
I think Sandy Bay have vintage cars that are runners, (not just museum exhibits), you could ask them?

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