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the yellow box at the crossroads at the top of the high street

why do drivers stop there when they can't get across that road, it blocks the slope for the prams  and mobility scooters  to get across the road, and also as a non driver I do believe if is illegal


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Maggie S
Yes I totally agree, also why do the majority of motorists go across on AMBER, when there are no cars behind them so they could have stopped safely? As far as I am aware when approaching traffic lights you are supposed to be aware that the lights may change from GREEN to AMBER and yet how many times do we witness the vehicle going over and the lights are actually RED, it really makes me cross
Jo F
I use that junction fairly reguarly and find it is very easy to get caught out due to a combination of either the timing of the lights and the curve of the road as the road carries on to Station Road West.  I am a very cautious driver when it comes to this kind of junction and have never experienced one where I have been caught out like this.  I think the reason that you find so many cars on this particular box junction is this, not that there are a lot of insensitive drivers in Stowmarket.  Because I am aware of the timing of the lights now it isn't that often I get stuck.  You may be moving with a row of free flowing traffic and suddenly it all stops due to the lights at the bottom of Station Road West.  That doesn't mean to say some try make a run for it though!  It just may help explain the number of incidents in that particular spot.
Maggie S
I take your point Joe F, sadly some drivers are not so careful as yourself and they do Coming down from Tavern street just go over,when there isn't anyone behind them. Still glad to hear you don't do this.
Seaspirit C
the idea of the box is you should not go in if there isn't room to get out surly, cars drive too close to the one in front, if we had been that close on tuesday we would have been killed on the Attlebrough road, when a lorry suddenly decided to go in reverse, apparently  he had over shot his turn, if we hadn't been the proper distance from him he would have hit us harder then the tap he gave us before going on his way. he wasn't edging back and ignoreing my daughters horn
Trevor C
There is a problem in Stowmarket with traffic law enforcement. Rarely see the Pcso's out on foot in the town centre. Illegal parking, contravening yellow cross hatching, turning left from Ipswich St.,into Tavern St., just a few breaches. You are more likely to see Pcso's on Tesco car park than in the town centre. Police Cars should be used by Pc's dealing with incidents, not double crewed with  Pcso's.
Sharon B
The Stowmarket Safer neighbourhood team (Police) hold priority setting meetings which helps them decide where to use resources such as the PCSO's. They are public meetings held at the Town Council offices, so anyone can attend.  It would be great to see our Town Centre as a priority! The dates are publicised in the Stowmarket Mercury I think, or I can give anyone interested in attending the date.
Trevor C
Would like to see this type of information also put out on streetlife . Hopefully will encourage greater use. Still waiting to see charity organizations' putting up volunteer opportunities.
Unfortunately, if I remember correctly, the box junction has faded and the lines may not be continuous which I believe will make it impossible for the police to enforce. I believe councillor Guy McGregor at SCC is the portfolio holder for Roads & Transport and should be able to get the box repainted. However, then you have to get the police interested in taking action.
The SNT meetings are usually held at 10.30am which are not convenient for some, or perhaps many, as it wasn't very well attended when I did go. Wasn't impressed.
However, very happy that other people think along the same lines about apparent lack of police presence in Stow. Perhaps we could all put a note here when we see one in Stow and advise each other as to what they appear to be doing, or not doing?
Angela B
Hi, I recently moved to stowmarket and would not be able to attend any morning meetings due to work so not very helpful. Reg to the police in stow, I can't believe that there is a station not far from where I live but I never see any police about, the road I live on can be busy with drunks at night, massive fights some nights and no police ever to be seen! I am shocked of the lack of support from the police
local resident
That's because they are all far to busy doing speed traps wherever they think they can catch easy targets !!
Seaspirit C
don 't think the violet hill police station is manned at night
Fully sympathise with comments regarding anti-social behaviour at box junction, illegal turns and parking issues but I do not think that anything will be done until enough of us raise these as an issue with the SNT. This can be done by e-mail via The new Police Commissioner e-mail is and it may be as well to copy him in as he may be surprised at the level of anti-social and illegal driving that is being ignored in Stowmarket. Keep safe.

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