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Gt Shelford Roadworks - Long Traffic Delays

Ian K
in Trumpington
I sent the following email to the Parish Council, District and County Councillors and the Parish Clerk.  I haven't had a response but hopefully one or more of them will be able to  help ..........

I expect many of you have already heard about the massive delays being caused by the temporary 3-way lights at the junction of Granhams and High Green. At 8am this morning (Tuesday) the hold-up was back to the bridge into Stapleford from Sawston. At 4.45pm this afternoon the back-up from Trumpington was well before Scotsdales.

Frustratingly, throughout the day, there was no sign of anyone working where the hole has been dug at the side of the road.

Is there anything that can be done by one or more level of local government to press the contractors to alleviate the delays that are occurring especially during rush hour periods?

The actual area that has been dug up is not large. Surely, when no work is taking place the amount of surrounding space that is at present barricaded off could be much reduced to allow more traffic to pass through?

I hope something can be done. Thank you.