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Clinton Arms

Can anyone shed any light as to why the Clinton Arms has closed?


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Ann C
we heard they just walked out on a friday night
Ms Exmouth
I'd heard that some bills wer'nt paid and they were asked to leave, that place must be a gold mine in the summer so I doubt it will be closed for long! :)
What a shame as thought they did so well.
I know they did when the former Landlord was there who sadly died not so long ago (name escapes me)! must be getting old!! The food was always good there when i have been to sny functions, I think these times of concession are hitting businesses hard it is such a shame & dont think we are 'out of the woods' for some time yet!
Ann C
we had my late mums wake there 4 years ago and the clinton did us proud with the food and even let us bring the left overs home they were so kind and caring during that sad time
Don't know why the Clinton Arms closed but looks like it will be taken over temporarily by the same couple who have been managing the Dog & Donkey in Knowle.  New Tenants are due to arrive there soon and there is a big notice in the window, informing people that it will be closed for 2 weeks whilst they settle in.  The Bass Taverns management couple are moving on to do the same job at the Clinton Arms.  Unfortunately they totally alienated the regulars at the Dog.  They tried to turn a local pub into a bistro/wine bar; banning dogs, removing bar stools and all the trappings of a welcoming, locals bar.  They also ignored claims that the beer tasted off. Needless to say the pub has been virtually empty for months.  Hopefully the new tenants will try to canvass opinion from locals and regulars to determine what the pub needs to provide in order to be viable.  

I sincerely hope that the same fate does not befall the Clinton Arms.
Ann C
bring back old fashioned pubs thats what i say, we dont want these fancy restaurant type pubs, i hate them for one thing,hate having my ears blasted off by loud music and sport on a widescreen tv, would much rather have an old fashimed pub like the country house use to be many many years ago where you could go in for a drink and actually hearĀ  a conversation, mayb have a game of dominos or cards or something i think this is one reason i dont go into pubs anymore because of the constant noise of the loud thumping music
I don't mind a bit of music if it's not too intrusive - it's the incessant sport I can't tolerate. I want to get away from tv when I go out!
Ann C
i cant understand why pubs have to have music and the telly on at the same time it is just so annoying when your trying to hold a conversation with someone

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