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Please could anyone recommend a good roofer? We are in Holloway.

Many thanks


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Top Jockey
Gary Stokes roofer is excellent we have used this chap on many occasions,hornsey.
07930 279721
Clare L
Many thanks Desmond, I will give him a call.

John H inactive
Andy has just finished my roof and i am well pleased, he came recommended and believe me, i am fussy, he never gets flustered and goes the extra mile, One of the few tradesmen ive used who actually takes a pride in his work, wh21at i like about him is he works on your roof like it was his own, i highly recommend him... ANDY MCGLYMONT 07969014521.... and his prices were extremely reasonable.
Clare L
Thanks John this is really helpful and nice to see someone who has pride in their trade. I will certainly give him a call.


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