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Hi every body who have been effected by break in's/ car crime's etc
I have sent an E Mail to Tim Passmore our new police commissioner who have said that the crime rate's are low in Suffolk, compared to else where, I have also pionted out to him, that since March of this year the people of Whitton/ Castlehill and surrounding area's do not agree with this, and have asked him what his intentions are and what is he going to do about it. if I get any replys I will report this to all of you on S/L if any of you know some one who has a P/C and not on Streetlife tell them to log in to follow and to see how we get on. wish me luck.


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Mr Fruitgum
Hi Watchfull it is obvious that the people in Whitton and Castlehill must be mistaken. As Tim has said that the crime is lower in Suffolk.  The bit he missed off was lower in Suffolk than London or Manchester. It will be interesting to see what Tim comes back with as he said "We will therefore have to find innovative and practical solutions in Suffolk to reduce crime and maintain Suffolk’s reputation of providing a good police service at low cost to taxpayers." maybe we could ask the criminals if they woul be good enough not to do it. :>)
I can see that you have your eye on the ball let's hope a few more have. although I managed to get his EM address which is, I could not find his office or contact phone number can anyone help?? because I have asked him to reply by EM as some times what is said over the phone can be misconstrued.
Sorry should read, should he feel that my attitude is offensive tough luck; he aint seen nothing yet. just like other's I pay my due's I have never been in trouble with the laws of this country, I served in the occupation of Germany I deserve piece of mind, and should not have to worry about the scum, breaking into my house or damaging my property, if he cant do anything about it then I will, he's getting a good hand out to do the job, enough to put three more coppers on the beat, so lets see him do three coppers work or clear out and let some one else do it.
Mr Fruitgum
Try this it was his vote for me site where I copied his statement from. Mobile might still work otherwise I cant help but I agree emails are best.
Mr Fruitgum & others
Mr Tim Passmore replied to my E Mail on the same day 26/11/12 @ 21.00 hrs
he has said that, he will be looking into the situation that I have told him about,
He must have been working late to reply at that time of the evening, because of his quick response I will be keeping my tongue in cheek, and we will see what happens
Mr Fruitgum
Watchfull that sounds promising we will wait and see.
Mr Fruitgum and other's
Tim Passmore was as good as his word and replied to my E Mail as prommissed, he has assured me that the police are targeting the area's that we all know off, and have afew suspects under thier hats. it might not be wise to say more at this time. may I point out that any one can E Mail Tim Passmore, just go into google and ask for his E/M address. another good thing is,get in touch with the Suffolk Police and ask them to send you thier daily non reply E/M every day of the crime's that are taking place in your area.
The guys that are having bank account problems, might find that Tim could piont them in the right direction, hope all this have been helpful
Sorry folks there are two spelling mistakes in the above, trying to type faster than I am able. cheers

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