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Some of the Communities Team and Local Councillors went along to the pop up cafe yesterday at Castle Hill Community Centre, for a bacon roll and hot cup of tea. Why not come along next Thursday 10:30-12:30


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I hope some of the councillors go this Thursday as I would love to bend their ear regarding some of the costly projects they have authourised over the last few years. I would also like to challenge them on the councils lack of transparacy and why IBC has assisted housing benefit tenants to break the law and to make matters worse then projects them from being traced by injured parties so they can be taken to court and tried by due process.
Community Team IBC
Dear Mercutio

Two Councillors went along last Thursday along with two members of the IBC Communities team and the Big Local Officer. some of us will be going along this thursday too, i have alerted the local Councillors that you would like to see them, i am sure they will try and get there, but i can not stipulate a time.

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