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stomach flu

I'm not sure this is the right place to ask this question but here goes anyway: has anyone had any what I call "stomach flu" without actually vomiting? Is this going around in Ipswich? I don't know of anyone at all locally who has had ONLY intense nausea out of the blue with feeling faint/like jelly. I NEVER get ill but I've had this for over a week now and got blood tests tomorrow. I'm not a young person but my gp thinks its a bit unlikely to be just a virus as I've no other symptoms and it's been a long time. Other people in Ipswich have had this but with other nasty symptoms. Thanks if you can help.


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Kathie J
Sounds strange? I guess the answer maybe be in the blood test. Hope you get well soon.
Mark H inactive
there is a bug going around . my g/f works in a big office and it seems alot of the women are feeling ill and having bad tummys , perhaps its the same as you have
Andy A inactive
There seems to be a lot of stomach bugs about, It could be a form of gastric enteritis and this seems to effect people in various ways and that may be dependent upon the persons general health and age. Some people have contracted noro virus and this is nasty as it can last a few days and will leave you feeling weak. It is also highly contagious.Last year I had noro virus and had vomiting for about 12 hours and then diarrhea for about two days. In  either event it is best to rest, certianly drink plenty of water and stick to a very simple diet and avoid any high fibre foods including fruit ,fruit drinks and pulses.  I hope you recover soon.
Reg S
Hello there my grandson has had it for 8 days so far but I had the other one for sevaral days by god at 80 it was no fun So hang in there but I hope you get over it very quickly But don't try you doc mine said can you get to the surgery. Ha haha that was for the wife
Sarah C
Thank you, yes the noro virus must be absolutely awful. I've only got shivering and really horrible nausea but it's seems to be never ending...up down up down....I'm not a good patient, too impatient to up and go! It's just that in Ipswich I hadn't heard or met anyone who had just these two symptoms but thanks for replying to me!!
Hope you're feeling better soon Sarah, I've just had it for a week and took me a further week to get back to normal, but feeling well now so there is an end to it.Found myself not able to eat but was able to drink any of the squashes with barley in them.
Take care.
Sarah C
ohh so glad you are feeling much better now :-)).......did you just have the nausea or "the works"? (don't reply if you'd rather forget the whole experience haha).

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