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Community Engagement (MSDC) - Residents' Summit

This is to take place twice on Wednesday 21 December at the Old Hall at Blackbourne:

2-5 pm and then at 6-9 pm.

No further information but it should be the opportunity for residents to tell Mid Suffolk District Council what they want and need from them over the coming years.

Please pass the information on if you are able to do so, as the notification is very late and there seems to have been no information in the last newsletter.



Blackbourne (old hall). 2 sessions: 2-4 pm and 6-9 pm

Nov 21


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Steve H
lesley you put December at the start of your piece.
Lesley Reed
Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy! My apologies and thanks for noticing Steve, It should, of course, say November.
This looks like something everyone should attend but how come we are hearing about it with such short notice and only on here?  There was nothing in the village newsletter and no door drop.  How has this been publicised to residents?
Lesley Reed
I don't know Sweatpea. I received an email on Thursday (I think) and realising that there had been little notification, passed it to as many as possible and, of course, posted it on our really useful Streetlife. Thank goodness for Streetlife or very few people would know. Please pass on if you can.

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