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Ray S in Costessey
Follow up  from "Sundays"
Sundays were a day of rest, thats the day I like the best
A proper breakfast was the rule, no chasing clock to go to school
I had my little chores to do, shelling peas & peeling sprouts too
Maybe Dad the spuds would peel whilst Mum would sort out rest of meal
A lovely smell would fill the air when all the food was cooking there
At dinner time the table was laid and onto was the food that was made
First the Yorkshire in one big tray not the small buns that we have today
A big portion  was put on each plate and with  the gravy we sat and ate
Then came to roast and veggies too, what a sight for me and you
The came the pud, that too came hot. Lovely grub, we'd eat the lot
Sunday school came next for me from 2 till 4 then time for tea
I wondered what Mum and Dad would do to while away the time from 2
Back home again we'd have a walk Get fresh air and time to talk
Off to the park would be one trip or by the river to see a ship 
After tea the wireless was on, The Ovaltinies program had not gone
Dick Barton, Special Agent was all the rage and Happidrome was on the stage ( Ernie, Ramsbottom , Enoch and me)
At 9 oclock it was time for bed. Get some sleep for school they said
I cannot understanbd

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