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Does anyone know of a shop The in Bury that sells jigsaws. have been to The Works but not huge selection there. Thanks.


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Pop in to the Cathedral Shop and ask them how to contact who organised the Christmas fair in the vestry. One of the stalls had 100's of jigsaw puzzles being sold for cathedral funds. I suspect there'll still be plenty available.
Catherine B
The toy shop in the traverse sells them. Depending on the size/age for tots Early Learning has them.
Jill M
thanks ! it is for an adult by the way.
John B
There's a small selection on the top floor in WH Smiths and Toymaster in the corn exchange.
Used to be an excellent stall on the market but sadly no more.
If you ever take a trip up to Cromer there is a great shop behind the church with a goodt selection at reasonable prices.
Diane R
Marlows have a good selection but are quite expensive
Jill M
Thank you everybody.... There is a super place in Hunstanton as well!
Mary P
Try the charity shops, RSPCA have several on display in their book shop.
Sue C
Loft and Spires (next to toy shop) has some really interesting puzzles. And the sale is on now.
Jill M
Thanks Sue, never thought
 of going in there, and is a fab shop as well!
Sue C
It is indeed and with one of the nicest assistants in Bury! Good hunting! S

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