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Does anyone have an unused garage that I could rent for a small classic car?

Hello everyone, I have just signed up to Streetlife having seen it on the EADT website almost every day for quite some time.

I'm wondering if any of you have a garage at your home that is not being used. I need somewhere to keep one of my classic cars. Maybe you know an elderly couple who have had to stop driving and would welcome some extra money coming in each month. The car is a 1960s Morris Minor and wouldn't take up too much room. The garage does need to be very dry though, lockable and ideally completely empty with no shelving etc.

I live in the IP8 postcode area and ideally I would like the garage to be reasonably close to where I live.  

If anyone can help I would love to hear from you. I will hopefully be using the car for the odd wedding each month as it's white and a convertible but I would try to keep the level of disturbance at a minimum.

Many thanks,




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Natalie S
Welcome to streetlife - good luck finding a garage.
Best place to look is on the ads in the local shops . Also Ipswich Borough Council rent out any garages that tenants don't use so they may have some empty ones.
John B
I know of a garage in Hadleigh if that's not too far away I also know of a few in ipswich or some further out
Martin H
Hello John B, thank you for letting me know. Hadleigh is a bit too far unfortunately as I really would like to try and find a garage in the Pinewood area of Ipswich. I am sure there must be people without cars and who have a garage attached to their house. I would prefer to rent something like this rather than one in a block. I appreciate you trying to help anyway.

Thanks to Jual as well, I suspect the IBC garages would be in a block and quite possibly not that well maintained.

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