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New Council Tax Rules from April

Marion F inactive in New Catton
I wonder if there any people on here that will be affected by the new Council Tax changes come in this April, where central Government are shifting the responsibility to local Government(Councils)to basically manage on less money as they are cutting the budget. This will result in local councils having  quite a bit less money to go round. They in turn are deciding (not all I believe, but many?)to take that money back from people who currently are exempt from paying any(out of work)and low paid working people.

Not sure yet what our city council here are doing, but don't have much faith in their abilities, so anticipate they will pass the charges on to residents. My thoughts are, like many people are saying in more national places, to refuse to pay the extra charge, but think this will only work if many of us do this? I already have to pay towards my rent and because it took so many months to process my Housing Benefit, I couldn't face the thought of applying for what's known as a "Discretionary Payment" to get the top up paid as it was even more intrusive and long winded than the original claim. So I have had to manage to pay this top up myself up to now, but if I'm going to be now asked to find yet another payment, well, where will it end?

They reckon that if many people don't pay it, it would cost much more to collect the money later on, if it goes on and on, similar to what happened with the poll tax. So I wonder what other people think about this, if they will find themselves in this position? Just to say, I'm very far from being the type of person who refuses to pay bills of any kind, but I've already had so much grief over becoming disabled in past few years, losing some money, being put through horrenduos things, being unable to work, being unable to get work/employers take me on, that I've got to the point where I need to take  a stand to what's being done to us.

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