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Riverlight SW8 London - Nine Elms Regeneration

As part of the Nine Elms regeneration or redevelopment the Riverlight scheme which will have riverside apartments and penthouse by St James of Berkeley Homes


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I have very worrying concerns regarding the Nine Elms Regeneration project.

I would like to hear your concerns too.

Vicky K

It doesn't sound as if there is much to benefit local people here?  Or am I expecting too much from  a private development?

Sarah R


The construction industry is on its knees apparently and yet the Berkeley Group (St. James and St Georges) which develops only sites which are in and around London have announced staggeringly good end of year results. They have quadrupled profits in just 2 years.  Their land bank is worth billions.   Their share value is now well over £12.  Hot property.  I particularly dislike the development they've put in at the north side of Kew Bridge.  What a disgraceful way to block in a treasured historic public landmark.  Wandsworth Council has done much to swell Berkely's profits.  See the high rise developments all along Battersea Reach down river to Nine Elms, all across Roehampton and in Putney's Upper Richmond Road.
Doesn't that make you think, who is really profiting from these 'regeneration' projects?  It'll mean yet more noddy boxes, more so-called luxury flats for lots more pre-family professionals who swell the numbers of high income constituents but don't demand the kind of services that are drain on the Council.  More constituents.  More Council Tax payers and the lowest Council tax in the country frozen for the last five years.  

Berkely must be delighted to have Ravi Govindia in the driving seat at Wandsworth and young Cllr Cuff who is by day a surveyor in the employment of a commercial property developers, Chairing the Planning Applications Committee.  Now that really makes you think doesn't it?  A property developer chairing the borough's PAC.  That surely cannot be right.

Laura J

I agree. Appalling example of vested interest.

Seeing 'the pageant' on TV on Saturday just brought home what a blight Berkely Homes is on what could have been a beautiful river development. The buildings are so hideous and huge, they look like great monsters. They have crammed in as many flats as possible with 'riverside views' and no doubt they are nice inside, but they have been designed with NO concern as to how the riverside will look from the ground. Ugly, ugly, ugly buildings and almost no concessions to people who have to look at them. What a loss!

Dee J

I remember clearly,the riverside from the east to the west - run down and inacessible, now we can walk and cycle for miles along the tow paths. I know it doesn't appeal to everyone, but I love the huge improvement.

Nicholas G

What do you expect?  These people won the vote on a jerimander;  The skewed Poll Tax subsidy that allows the goverment to criticise all the other inner london boroughs.  They were voted in by self interested  voters  keen to reduce their bills.  The Wandsworth riverfront is an apalling mess of yukky post modern crap which will age badly.  Vote Conservative and get conned!

Vivian B

As someone who remembers the factories, the pollution, the mess and the 'odour of Battersea' .. I love the way it is now.  I love the fact that folk buy a riverside property then moan about the riverside rats.  I love the fact that folk buy a property along a railway line and then moan about the trains. 

I like it as it is now - Battersea some 55 - 60 years ago wouldn't have attracted the residents who come here now .. those (it is said) who can't afford Chelsea.

I too bemoan the loss of the factories and the jobs but the UK worker go too expensive - the jobs went abroad.  I would rather the land is used for something - anyhing - than lie derelict with the occasional use as it has been around the Power Station.


Laura J

Of course the riverside needed development, and housing was an obvious choice, but it is the sheer scale and ugliness of the blocks of flats that I object to - there was a possibility of some much better architecture instead of these monsters that dominate the skyline! No doubt they are very nice to live in...

Margaret G

Totally agree about the sheer ugliness of the riverside developments, were people consulted before this went ahead?  Or was it not necessary?  Think there should have been a limit as to height and the number of flats involved.  What the council seems to forget is the infrastructure, ie more people on already overcrowded trains, buses and the roads!

Simon H

Glad to see Nine Elms being discussed - this series of  huge developments will bring 16,000 new homes and change the character of Battersea.

The main question I have asked about Nine Elms in the Town Hall (where I am a councillor on the Strategic Planning Committee) is: 'Who will benefit from the development?'

At present it is clear the existing residents of Wandsworth are being put a poor second to the interests of the property developers. I explain further in the two below links:  

* 7,719 Reasons Why Nine Elms Is Not For The Likes Of You:

* How Wandsworth gave up 4,000 affordable homes (Video of a speech to Wandsworth Council)

Gwen E

Oh it's all so depressing. Wandsworth seems to get uglier and uglier with each decision the Planning Committee make. I suppose that with a property developer as Chair we can't expect any better.

Vicky K

Dear Simon and Vivian B,

I agree with both of you and you both make valuable points.  Watching some of the TV documentaries on 50s/60s/70s Britain remind me of how awful the riverfront was as well as being inaccessable.  I too enjoyed the riverfront over the Diamond Jubilee.  I am also glad that Vauxhall is being developped as it's pretty awful at the moment.Can anybody tell me if we will be able to walk along the river all the way from Wandsworth Bridge???

I just wish some of this housing was put aside for local people at affordable prices or as rentals for social housing.  I think the planning authorities should stipulate this from the start. 



The Berkeley Group built an development opposite to where I live recently, constructing 560 studios for Imperial college students. The construction project was most unpleasant for local residents. They worked regularly on Saturday mornings waking up local residents with bulldozers and pneumatic drills etc. Their employment practices are unacceptable, for instance they have a male only construction site policy. They pay an organisation called the considerate constuction scheme to say they are considerate. Wandsworth Borough Council went out of their way to look after the interests of their friends at the Berkeley Group and generally disregarded the objections of the local residents. For the residents living around this Nine Elms Berkeley Group proposed development, be afraid, be very afraid.

Sarah R

Daniel R, what are your worrying concerns which prompted your original posting 6 days ago?  I'm very interested to know.

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