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Career Choice

Hi, i was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on choosing a career. What was it that got you interested in your chosen career?


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David L
at end of day it down to you to work that out but i will say this and that is what someone once asked me .......a few simple questions 

in life in general what do you enjoy ?
do you prefer slow carm situations or fast thinking situation solving ?
working with others or alone ?
face to face/ hands on with people or distanced from people ?

once u know the answers it then a case of what job can all these answers involve at once 

i.e i like working with my hands building stuff while challenging myself and i like working around general public so decided would go back to college and learn a trade (plumbing) that i am now doing and love doing and have never looked back 

hope this makes sense and sort of helps 
Barbara A
I am a carer. I have only done it as a paid job for the last 15yrs and wondered what took me so long as my young life was taken up with caring for my mum. Then my boys (all grown up now). 
I do mostly paliative care and love it would not want to do anything else. If you can find something that you really love to do then i think you are lucky. Lots of people have to work in jobs they hate in order to live day to day.  So i would agree with David L Make a list and take it from there. When you have the job thats right for you, you will know it. good luck.
Thanks David thanks Barbara. i just feel lost. There's nothing in life i really enjoy. i like slow carm situations. i prefer working alone. im distanced from people. Any suggestions?
I think you should write a list of the things you have enjoyed in the past 5 years - hobby, holiday, film, music etc. And also a list of things you have not enjoyed. That would give you an idea of what interests you. What was it about those things that you enjoyed. As a loner you might like to do something like repairman, of computers or electrical items. If you look at this website there is a quiz you can take to find out what sort of work would suit your character. Hope this helps
I had no idea what to do with my life and afdter trying a few things found that work that involved talking to people and helping people and organising things suited me the best. Good luck!
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Barbara A
Hi Lee,
Have just been on the web site Margo recommended and took the quiz. Turns out I am a cat, and one of my paths to take is as  a carer, so that was spot on.  Have a look yourself and see what comes of it.
Choosing a lone path is absolutely fine, lots of people feel that way. ( I can spend time in a crowded room and come away not knowing anyone, but a friend of mine can be in the same situation and strike up conversation and make friends very easily.) We are all different, that's what makes us unique.  Just take small steps. Good luck.
Roy M
Hi Lee. I also did the quiz. I’m an Eagle, very true. Nobody can answer your question because as Barbara wrote,  We are all different, that's what makes us unique. But, whatever you do, we all have to learn from someone. Someone had to teach Barbara how to care and tend people, not an easy task. I was a metal worker, I loved it, and getting paid was an added bonus. Don’t sit back and do nothing, have ago at whatever takes your fancy. One thing leads to another and you won’t find it on your monitor screen. As a youth, I worked as a Sewing machine mechanic. Electrician in a factory. Garage mechanic, before trying Sheet metal work. All between the age of 14- 16 yrs. It shows would-be employers you’ve got some GET UP and GO in you.  Now I am a retired skilled Metalworker with my City and Guilds
Roger K

I think that you should take a job -ANY job no matter what - in order to learn about being employed. 

What's more, especially  in today's environment, hanging about on "benefits" be they from parent or tax payers while you decide what job you would like is simply WRONG.    

Go for what you can get and move on from there and if you simply can't find someone to employ you then take up unpaid work - it will look very much better on your CV than one or a series of blanks.

What I do advise is that if and when you get an interview for a job find out as much about the prospective employers business as you can and also what the job entails.

Show interest and keenness no matter what the job, and. keep in mind that it's not YOU that's giving a prospective employer a favour working for them, it's the other way round. 

If and when you do get a job bust a gut to do your very best because that will not only develop a good work ethic, it will also improve the likelihood of a good reference or promotion within your employers business.

Also keep in mind the cost vs. benefits relationship in business - any business.

An employee costs far more that his or her salary. For that reason the added value that you must bring in the execution of your work must exceed the loaded labour rate (gross wages plus costs) that your employer must bear before he makes a penny from your efforts.

That means that while you may only draw the minimum wage the cost to your employer will FAR exceed what you get on your payslip.

There's a whole lot more involved in getting into work today than finding a job you like. The very first thing is to get into work in ANY job and move on from there if and when the opportunity arises.

Let's remind ourselves that the world does NOT owe us a living and that it's up to us to graft and graft hard to EARN a living doing whatever we must in order to do so.

Barbara A
Hi Lee,
What about "remote learning"?  something you could do via your laptop at home.  Do you have anyone to chat to about this family, friend.?  Pop your toe in the water and see if any charity shops near you would like a volunteer you only need do a couple of hours per week or whatever you could manage. You would not have to be in the actual shop, you could be through the back sorting out the things people bring in.  
My brother is very much a loner has been all his life. he is a gardener, working when he chooses, loves his own company and is happy.  He thinks the world is out of sinc with him (not the other way around).  
We don't all have to conform, we are not robots.
Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
Roger K

We may not have to conform but we all should do everything and anything legal to provide for ourselves and not rely on "benefits" which should be a last resort when there really IS no alternative. 

Taking tax payers money because there is no job that someone fancies is indecent and immoral.

It may be that in this case the individual isn't relying on others be they tax payers or parents to put food on their plate and a roof over their head while they decide what they would like to do but a very great many are up to just that.

The Victorian maxim of “those who do not work should not eat” may be a little extreme but if adopted to “those who WILL not work should not eat” has a very great deal to recommend it.

In short, if you can't get a job that you like then get a job and learn to like the job you have and move on if or when the opportunity arises.

David L
roger k i see what you saying but i mean no disrepect here at all but your views are very old fasioned.

yes people should not rely on benefits to live but also at the same time why should someone do a job that makes them unhappy. i had to take a break from full time working and rely on benefits for a while when i went to college to learn my trade (worked 10hours a week ) but didnt see any problem with this at all as i had worked and payed tax previous to this.

also these days any job has lots of interest such as where i work they advertised a job and had over a 100 people apply any they where only offering a contract of 4 hours with some over time so my point is there such a high demand for jobs and hardly any out there peopel find it hard to get into any job
This is exactly why i need to find out what job i will enjoy. i don't mind doing jobs i don't enjoy if i have a plan of action to get my dream job.
Roger K

@ David L.

Why should I as a tax payer pay for anyone to swan around or undertake training because they don't like the job they have? Why should they not be expected to fund their own training and living expenses while they train for a job that they do like - or simply stop working while they wait for a job that do like turns up?

The Welfare State should provide a safety net, not an alternative source of income for people entirely capable of earning for themselves.

My views are not “Old Fashioned”, they are decent and moral There's nothing wrong or Old Fashioned in having a positive work ethic, in fact just the opposite. Modern perspectives regarding work and lifestyles are all too often based on selfishness and scrounging and so having an “Old Fashioned” view on life especially where working for a living and being self dependent isn't a thing that's in any way wrong. Instead it's a thing that is founded on decency and good morality.

@ Lee.


ANY job and move on from there.

If you have no or little experience in the real world of work then you are in no position to make value judgements about future careers or work.  It is this lack of knowledge and experience that makes establishing a meaningful and sensible plan of action possible at this point in your life.

But on top of that we can not have our ideal job, at least very very few of us can. Life isn't like that and as a tax payer I strongly object to seeing a part of what I pay funding others who don't or won't face up to reality.

I don't know what age Roger is but I suspect similar to my own (retired). When I left school you could walk into a job on a Monday and if you didn't like it you could leave and find another job the same week. Many people did this to find out what they liked to do. Nowadays there are so few jobs that young people are encouraged to stay in full time education far longer (in my day people left school at 15 or 16, very few went on to uni) and even then cannot find suitable employment. I feel sad for the young today. However there are jobs out there and it is worth looking. I applaud Lee for asking for advice or career direction.
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Roger K
Yes, a BIG Brownie Point to Lee for looking for advice, no questioin about that, and I also feel sad that jobs from the UK have been expoprted to low paying areas of the world but that's how it is.  It doesn't alter the fact that it is the duty ofd people to fend for themselves and only rely on others when there is no alternative.  .

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