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Dog mess, glass and pavement pizza's!

I am disgusted with the state of the streets around Stratford.   I have never seen so much dog mess. broken glass and pools of vomit around the place. 

I walk my dog in West Ham Park everyday, it is one of the few safe green spaces around here, there are three designated garden areas opposite Sainsbury's on Romford Road where local residents USED to be able to walk their dogs, very handy because you could let the dog off the lead as they are gated.  Now, they are no go areas, there is broken glass, all sorts of disgusting rubbish, dog and human mess too.  A real health hazard for all.

I did let Newham Council know about this and I saw last week two council workers who were picking up stuff with the grab sticks, they missed out the other two gardens so the problems are still there.  I have no complaint whatsoever about the street cleaners here, they do a fantastic job in all weathers but they are only doing the main areas, the problem area's are the back streets especially those leading to West Ham Park.

When you are walking along, you have to walk with your head down especially in the dark so you don't stand in anything.  My dog nearly stood on a bottle neck the other day, just flung down onto the pavement.  There are little children out and about on the new Christmas toys like roller skates or pushing dolls in prams, it would be awful if they got hurt by all the glass that is laying around.

There is supposed to be a high level of unemployment so surely it would make sense to put an ad in the Job Centre for workers to glove up and get the local area cleaned up.  I am not bothered about getting my hands dirty but don't see why I should have to clear up behind those who could not care less.  Would also be good if there were more waste bins around so dog mess in bags as well as other rubbish could be binned, no excuses then!  As for the pavement pizza's, ;earn that too much alcohol and fresh air does not mix!!!

Wondering what other people think of it, I wasn't born in the area, I lived by the sea, so am I expecting too much to want clean and safe pavements?  Does everyone else just accept that this is London and it is a dirty place? 


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Fred B
This has been my gripe for a long long time .There are a few folk who do not give a toss. Only the other night three yobs, sitting in a car in my street eating a take away when finished opened the window and threw it in the road and pavement.Now being a elderly man and should I have gone over to say something, I would have got myself into bother with them. What can you do?. I do care about my environment and get annoyed that others don't. Any suggestions
Rupert A
Like KMD and Fred B, I care about the environment in my local area. From my experience, I make a point of  letting my local councillor aware of the problems and identifying solutions such as more litter bins to encourage the proper disposal of rubbish and the deployment of CCTV cameras.

As residents it is good to take control ourselves by using the council's reporting forms on line to suggest more litter bins and to highlight action needed in a particular area. Even informing the Council Leader can be effective in getting things done!
Paul L
Yeah, I'm in total agreement with all comments so far. I can't see what is so hard with getting all these lazy people who want to do nothing for their dole money, out on the streets to earn it, like other countrys do. In the summer they could do the weeding and spraying. Autumn, they could be picking up the leaves. Winter, they could be putting down salt when needed, clearing snow etc. Not forgeting of course, clearing general rubbish and mess, which is all year through. Plenty to do there I would say. Trouble being, is too many do-gooders in this country.
Thank you all for replying.  

I would not bother putting yourself at risk by confronting such people, it isn't worth it even though it really does make blood boil when you see them doing such things.  They need a good telling off I know but they get away with it because they can!

I think I might give it a try and involve the council and report filthy streets to them using the online forms as well, not sure if it will work seeing as I reported the three dirty, dangerous grass areas by me the same way, two workmen went in there, one garden I mean, left the other two alone and that is the last I saw of them and nobody else has been in there either.

Where I used to live on the east coast, there were on the spot fines for those who were caught letting their dogs mess and leaving it, warning stickers were up in lots of places and you would hear of so and so who got caught and fined, but still others got away with it so it wasn't entirely effective but it was a good deterrent and the pavements were nowhere near as bad as they are here!!

I like it when it snows here as it all looks so clean :D
Rupert A
Hello KMD

If work is not done to the standard expected do let the council know..keep persevering to keep our streets clean. From my experience, dropping an e mail to Sir Robin Wales - Council Leader is effective as he appreciates feedback as to what is going on in the borough.

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