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work experience opportunities wanted


are there any plumbers out there willing to offer a few hours UNPAID work experience to a young man who is currently studying Level 2 Plumbing at college.

He would very much like to do this to help him enhance his skills and knowledge.

Hours to be arranged with the student.

Many Thanks



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Bob C
Hi Jayne
Although I know many plumbers who would love to pass their knowledge on to someone who is willing to learn. There is one big problem they have faced in the past. The health and safety issue and insurance. Being closely connected to the trade and have been for over fifty years now I have found, especially in the last twenty years, because of the above two issues, that the student becomes a burden. It's not the students fault by all means it's just rules and regulations. If you would like to send me an email at timescape2012@googlemail. com giving me some idea of what he has done already I would love to help.
Richard D
Hi Jayne I suggest you talk to the college regarding work experience. Employers need to checked for adequate Health and safety. Colleges carry out pre placement checks and insurance checks. There may be an employer with an apprentice where he may be able to gain experience where the checks have been done.
Richard E
Hi Jayne. 
I'm a plumber who struggled to find an apprentiship whilst I was training several years ago.
There are lots of incentives out there for the youngsters to get into work.
HeatStar & GYHeating pay there students Approx £6ph as the government pays them £4ph for actualy taking them on. Costing them only £2ph for having them. I would give them a try first. Keep pushing the colleges to get a placement, companies will approach them first when they want to take youngsters on..
As they have stated above the insurance issues & Health & safety issues will effect sole traders so always best to try the bigger companies. British Gas have apprentiships, check online.
Hope this helps & would like to wish him the best.

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