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Suspicious door cold caller - Canford Heath

in Stanley Green
I live on one of the rods off 'Stinsford Road'. Tonight I heard a knock at the door, opened the door and there was no one there. My next door neighbour was just arriving home in her car, lights on, etc. Just slightly in the distance, but not too far away, I could see a lone male, hands in pockets walking quite fast towards the end of the road. Head down.
I shut door and then I started to think maybe the return of my neighbour had scared him off so to speak. He didn't want to be noticed and he wasn't a door to door salesman as he wasn't going to any other house, no one else around, he didn't turn back as if he'd walked off too soon. Nothing through letter box.
So who was he and what did he want?
My over active imagination is now making me worried!
Anything suspicious like this happened to anyone else recently ?