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Phone Found

Hello we found a phone in martlesham this morning on the floor Main Road Martlesham if you have lost one please get in touch


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George W inactive
Give the police a call on 101 and let them know - highly likely to have been reported lost.
Dozey M
Why would anyone spend the cost of a telephone call, using 101.... we pay taxes for our Police force.. I would never pay to call them.   Use 999, and be dammed!.
George W inactive
Half-witted statement, not unexpected sadly.
George W inactive
...the fact you took time out to write that is sad also. Do you have any idea of how many people misuse the 999 service and put genuine emergency callers at risk of not getting a quick response?
Linda P
Can't believe u can even consider suggesting dialling 999 to report a lost phone!! You are joking - aren't you?

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