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The junction between Caister Road and Jellicoe Road

I'm wondering if anything will ever be done about the junction betwen Caister Road and Jellicoe Road (opposite the Shell Service station).

During the holiday season, specifically.. most days when I travel that stretch of road, I see no end of near misses (and have read about some nasty accidents too) from people jumping between lanes so as not to get stuck behind the car that's trying to turn right into Jellicoe Road.

Maybe a seperate lane for people wanting to turn right into Jellicoe Road ?


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Mark Llewellyn
You should speak to the North Yarmouth Road Safety Group (NYRSG), I will post their details later.
Holly H
Two things are quite clear about this road  , and I cannot understand why the police and council do not see this. The first is that the junction could do with a phase for the right turn into Jellicoe Road and that the junction should have been widened at that point to allow two northbound lanes and a right hand turning lane. There was space but of course now the garage is larger there is not.
The second and most important safety issue which can be addressed is the simple banning of right turns in and out of Freemantle Road, Bure Park and any of the premises along the stretch of Caister Road between the lights and the stadium round about,. There is no need, there is effectively a roundabout  at each end  to turn at-a proper roundabout at the Caister end and the Freemantle/Jellicoe loop at the other. The road must be one of the few I have ever seen where traffic is allowed to pull right across four lanes of traffic, even if it is only doing 40mph and those right turns are where there are some really nasty near misses or accidents.
Of course if the council had pushed for a practical solution to some of GYs traffic and building space problems, a new Bure Bridge and a road from Runham Vauxhall to the A47, instead of putting all their energy into the southern end of the borough and a third Yare crossing going nowhere except LowMouth , those who live in the rest of the borough  might have got a decent road. Perhaps we should put the boundary gate back up at White Gates Farm and declare independence again for the district of East and West Flegg from the rotting Great Yarmouth.
agreed.. it's not like solutions to that stretch of road would cost an inordinate amount of money either.
I actively avoid as much as I can of it by driving along the sea front for as far as possible.
Cliff T
totaly agree mate. I never sit and wait to turn right on that road.I go round fremantle and out jelicoe if I'm going to bure park and its busy.
All that is needed and wouldn't cost millions is a filter light for the right turn into Jellico road.  It is a nightmare in the summer when the volume of traffic is heavy to get round before the lights change again. I am sure this is when the accidents happen as traffic coming from Caister jump the lights and many do NOT adhere to the speed limit
Ken B
I read so much of what people have say about Acle straite, a lot I agree with,, I say it should be a 50 m p h road, as Sunday me and another car was doing 60 but not fast enough for car behind us he was doing between 70 to 75,, I would like to see camera's along that road or police,, If you you do have any beef about anything to do with speeding in Yarmouth like I do along Caister road that's from Lawn  ave to Jelicoe road,, We have a meeting for the North Yarmouth Road Safety Group, That's held at Cleasewood Guest House,,55 Wellesley Road,, Great Yarmouth,, on  27th November start meeting 7.30,  we talk about road safety,, topics Speeding,,Using Mobile phones when driving,,you should come along an see how we operate,,be good see you to talk,, we have the police come and also council comes an sort out any problems, If you do have something you would like to be brought up at my meeting then you can e-mail me its,
Thanks Ken, not sure I can make that one as I'll be working away at the end of this month. Would be good if you could raise my concerns about that right hand turn into Jellicoe Road though !


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