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Tree Planting Event

"Friends Of The Byes" are holding a 'Tree Planting Event' at Peaslands Knapp Sidmouth
Kate Tobin an SVA volunteer has organised a tree planting event this Saturday 17th November at 2pm to be held at The Peaslands Knapp.

Entrance to Peaslands Knapp is off of Peaslands Road shown on this Google Map:  or can be accessed from Station Road. 
More Information email:

Please come and join in.

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Peaslands Knapp Sidmouth

Nov 17


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Tom Putt
Thought it might be informative if I copied a press release for streetlife folk: 

The Sid Vale Association are very pleased to have received a second free tree pack from the Woodland Trust, as part of their Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

It's a "Wild Harvest" pack of 420 shrubs and will be planted to create a new hedgerow at the base of Peaslands Knapp meadow, on Peaslands Road, Sidmouth.

The Wild Harvest pack includes hazel, blackthorn, crab apple, elder and dog rose, so visitors to the meadow may be able to benefit from the wild food as well as the wildlife.
Volunteers will be warmly welcomed to come along and plant a tree or two on Saturday 17th November at 2pm.  Just bring yourselves, some gloves and a spade (if convenient) and you'll be shown what to do.

The planting is suitable for all ages, although the meadow is steeply sloping and covered in anthills, so the terrain might not suit the less agile.

Entrances to the meadow are either from Peaslands Road (up the steps and through the gate at the top of the hill) or from Station Road (follow the path through the woods and the orchard until you find the sign for the meadow).
Around 30 volunteers planted a hedgerow at the top of the meadow in March 2011, shortly after the land was acquired by the SVA from a developer.

This hedgerow has grown really well - partly due to timely watering by volunteers during dry spells - and is now looking fantastic.
Tom Putt
Tree Planting At The Knapp 2011.

Hope picture posts OK!
Anne V inactive
It is good!  Click on it an you see it enlarged.  

Lovely to see a less well-known green area  being looked after.  I do hope no-one starts making ludicrous suggestions about fencing/gates being removed simply because they did not realise it was public land!
Tom Putt
Thanks Anne V, photo didn't enlarge for me at first but does now.  

Yes, the Sid Vale Association saved that area from becoming even more overdeveloped!

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