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Defective Lights

Has anyone else noticed the amount of cars driving around Norwich and the surrounding area with faulty lights? On a short drive the other night I counted 15, 10 with only one headlight and 5 with only one rear light.
There was a time when you would get pulled up and for this, certainly doesn't seem to be the case these days, does it?


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POEtic Justice
Most of the drivers are probably too busy using their mobile phones to take notice of their lights. There seems to be a complete don't care attitude today about such problems. One only has to look at Norwich in general from the bad workmanship of the road repairs, etc, to understand that those in charge are not firing on all cylinders. Welcome to Norwich the City of Lost Dreams.
i  was thinking the same thing john N, in a 3 day period of time last week i saw 17 cars with 1  headlight, being a  cyclist these look like motorbikes from a distance away, also 3 cars and 1 van with no lights on at all,

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