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driving standards

I was crossing the road on the zebra crossing in stowford the other day whe while I was half way accross the crossing a car came up so fast did not stop and went straight through the crossing just missing me she was on the phone but when I shouted out I just had the usual one finger in other words up yours.
And another time I have seen people park on the zebra crossing, also when buses are stopped letting people off the buses other stupid people drive on the other side of road over taking bollards these people are not only stupid but irrisponsible because one day I am sure someone will be killed.


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Tell It As It Is inactive
Tsk tsk ....................not another one of our 80+ year old Sidmouth drivers again? (lol). If the police put their camera van there they would catch quite a few offenders ...... hardly any of the drivers have the patience to wait for a stopped bus .......... they, as you say, swing out into the opposite carriageway across the bollards right through the crossing zone.
Jack B
There are many things wrong with the initial planning with bollards bus stop and crossing on top of each other . As the police rarely respond unless the complaint is of injury or reckless driving leading to endangerment The practice of whizzing round buses will continue and pedestrians become effectively invisible depending on weather conditions etc Contrary to popular belief not all the drivers are agedĀ  "Boy racers " are equally to blame Specsavers should sponsor the camera van give out free glasses to offenders

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