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plumbers and electricians

I have a couple of little jobs that I NEED to get sorted before visitors arrive for Christmas and would love someone to recommend a plumber and an electrician in Lyme Regis.


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Revd Gavin Tyte
Ben Coleman is a good friend of mine, a super electrician, and has done lots of work for people in the area.  He's also doing all Uplyme Church's electrics in the new year. :)
Revd Gavin Tyte
His number is 01297 631013
Sue B
Thank you very much! I will give him a call, although it's a tiny job compared to the work he is doing for you.
Happy Christmas.
Rob G
We use Ben at Bethany Chapel also, and can recommend him. If he can't, maybe Ian Crabbe can on 07970 856141; we've used him lots at home in Uplyme and Lyme and are very happy.

For plumbing, we use Sam Philips on 07891 794591.
Sue B
Thank you very much for your reply Rob. Have left a message for Ben. Will try Sam on Monday. Fingers crossed. It's good to have recommendations.
Joan G
We used Christopher Scadding from Bridport when we needed bathroom modifications this year. He was suggested by Bridport Plumbing Supplies. Saved £1k on job compared with the bigger local contractors.
He was hard working, polite and cheerful and a tidy worker. Contact 01308 425572 or 07977281945.
Sue B
Thankyou for your recommendation. On my list to call on Monday!

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