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Heating Oil


I have jut ordered some heating oil and at the moment the online prices seem a lot cheaper than the telephone prices.

If you are thinking of ordering oil I would recommend you also check Direct Oil
or Boiler Juice
Boiler Juice also offer discounts if a few people order in the same area so you may even get an additional discount.

I hope that helps?


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David W
I wish I used oil to take up such intelligent use of this forum. Thank you for passing on such a great tip.
I researched online gas and electricity and found a new supplier Ovo to be cheapest but did not change because their sales team were incompetent to answer my query or help with the change process.
Dave C
Hi Sue
We ordered with our next door neighbors and did save a few pence so it is worth it and thanks for making other people aware.
Still doesn`t change the fact that we can only have our oil fired heating on for an hour in the morning and 1 1/2 hrs in the evening:-( and now we get a letter from the electricity company telling us we need to increase our direct debit. What`s happening with the country???
On the rare occasions that we use the car (only when needed) it is so nice to feel completely warm for a change:-)

Dave C
Valerie B
In my village we are lucky, as we have a sysndicate opportunity, run by the local Community Fund, which means several homes are serviced by Goff Oil at one visit. Saves us several pence per litre. I also DD a monthly sum to Gopff, to lessen the blow on delivery. Last lot only had to add £40 to my "savings".

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