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March Pride

We are a group called March Pride.  We are the ones planting all the flowers and generally beautifying March town.  We litter pick twice a month.  We need more members!  Please join our small band of people.

Please keep our town lovely by putting your litter and dogs mess in the bins provided or take it home!  Thanku so much to people who do this.

Rgds. Patricia


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Jackie B
Dear Patricia. You are doing a splendid job. Unfortunately I am disabled so cannot help pick litter,but if I can help in any other way,like raising money for new plants or such ,please contact me
Patricia M
This is good Jackie and i have sent you a private email.  Thanks.
Julie H
Hi Patricia, I had read about March Pride before we moved here(been here since end of August) and thought it was a lovely things to do for your town. I would love to join in. Let me know please.
Patricia M
Hi Julie.  Have sent you my email address and hope to hear from you.
Fen Nav inactive
Hello all
Why not consider being a community navigator whilst being part of March Pride.  I am quite sure this is something that can work quite well together. Take a look at the attachment to find out more or get in touch with me at

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