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The state of your streets and paths

Hi there I walk a good deal in and around Honiton and I have to say that I think it is about time EDDC did something to the paths.  There are places where the grass is almost completley covering the tarmac.  Brambles and nettles are encroaching and people are not cutting back their hedges.
One good thing though, there seems to be a lot more dog owners picking up, so OXOX to them.


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Sharon P
Hi Christopher - you can tell the town council about any concerns you have and they pass these on to the relevant person. Pop into the office on New Street any weekday morning between 10am and 1pm or call 01404 42957 or email via 

I'm one of your 18 town councillors. You have 9 representing you for the St Paul's ward and 9 for the St Michael's ward (I'm in St Michael's). Then Honiton has 5 EDDC councillors and two DCC councillors. My website is or you can follow me on Facebook or twitter


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