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Voting in Police Elections

Can anyone explain to this poor female how the voting system works in Norfolk? Seems to me he was chosen for being second! The only thing that got him through was peoples second choice?Now we have a chap who resigned from the Conservative party in September so that he could call himself Independent in November. Who has no email address and nothing other than the fact he exists...I think! On top of that he has already decided that nothing needs to change:
 "As the ‘continuity candidate’, I was keen to reassure the electorate that there would not be wholesale change in the approach to Norfolk’s policing service. I believe that the Police Authority had done a first-class job and was handing over a sound plan for the future to the new PCC."
But he does intend to "listen"...but I doubt he will hear us as he seems to have no means of communication with us.
He just got a big fat salary for what seems to be doing nothing other than changing his party (once a Conservative always a Conservative!) and relying on the fact he was a former Police authority what! 
What we needed was new blood, what we voted for was new blood and what we got was "the old boys society" makes me sick!


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Gerry B
This is Stephen Bett's website:-

This is his Twitter ID:-


...and this is his email address:-

There is also a contact Telephone No. on the website..

Unfortunately, we are now stuck with it, so make him earn his money... he's there to listen to our concerns, amongst other things....
Ellarose inactive
Yes he's got the lot now but when I was searching to find out about him BEFORE the voting NADA! Now he's got minions to do it for him. Bet he can't send his own emails and probably thinks tweeting is just for the birds. I notice his website has 9 "likes" so it has been up for at least long enough to get his family to see it. Unfortunately there was no way of "unliking" it or there would be only 8 now!
The only thing I could find about him before the vote was the fact he changed from Conservative to date and that he was a farmer...very useful and his 16 years "so called" experience.
You are right though. we are stuck with him and four years is long enough for people to make their minds up. Perhaps they'll vote next time. At least we'll be able to read all about Stephen Betts. 
He's actually got 213 followers on Twitter that's less than you GerryB so he obviously hasn't been at that long either.

The problem though is that none of the other candidates were any better !
I voted for the him as a protest against the fact that all of the other candidates were formally backed by political parties for what was meant to be an apolitical role. 

Call me apathetic if you will, but I suspect most of the electorate didn't vote because:

  • They knew nothing about any of the candidates
  • They didn't vote or defaced their ballot papers as a form of protest against the cost of an unwanted election.
  • The purpose of the role wasn't known to most.
Ellarose inactive
They all had websites and had written their  own manifestos. They all had emails that you could have contacted them and spoken to them....except Betts. No website,no email and someone else had written his manifesto. He was a Conservative up until September when Athill got more votes than he did in the Conservative he threw his toys out of the pram and became an Independent.  That's who's running out Police now and it bothers me. Only my opinion of course but I did study them all very closely and Betts lost in my mind on complete apathy. When it came to the crunch Athill got more positive votes...that also worries me....the one who came second won. Won't comment on it again, have said my bit and as Gerry B says...there's nothing we can do about it now anyway. The next four years will tell.
yep.. I sympathise. I'm a bit of a cynic though, and think it won't make a blind bit of difference who does the job.

Maybe next time they should all campaign a bit harder and all have the guts to stand as independent candidates. I will never vote for any Police Commissioner that is allied to any political party and I suspect I'm not the only one who thinks that way.
Ellarose inactive
Yes Tim you are right but it's almost impossible to find someone without some sort of political commitment but I'd rather they didn't  tell untruths about what they really are!

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