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Voting in Police Elections

Ellarose inactive in Bradwell
Can anyone explain to this poor female how the voting system works in Norfolk? Seems to me he was chosen for being second! The only thing that got him through was peoples second choice?Now we have a chap who resigned from the Conservative party in September so that he could call himself Independent in November. Who has no email address and nothing other than the fact he exists...I think! On top of that he has already decided that nothing needs to change:
 "As the ‘continuity candidate’, I was keen to reassure the electorate that there would not be wholesale change in the approach to Norfolk’s policing service. I believe that the Police Authority had done a first-class job and was handing over a sound plan for the future to the new PCC."
But he does intend to "listen"...but I doubt he will hear us as he seems to have no means of communication with us.
He just got a big fat salary for what seems to be doing nothing other than changing his party (once a Conservative always a Conservative!) and relying on the fact he was a former Police authority what! 
What we needed was new blood, what we voted for was new blood and what we got was "the old boys society" makes me sick!

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