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Snowy In Seven Kings

Do love the snow but only when i'm indoors out of the cold :-)


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Jill B
You need to be very careful around the corner of Cambridge and St Albans Rd, Seven Kings - the snow clears quickly leaving moisture to turn to ice!  However, last year I only fell in my own drive whilst clearing snow off the car - there's a lesson there.... home is not always the safest place, after all!
Alan B
I have got a pair of snow grips, Yak Trax, they fit on the bottom of your shoes.
They work very well and you can walk along the pavements with no problems.
I recommend every one to get a pair for their own safety. I was out yesterday clearing my path then walked to to the shops.
Barbara M
Not wanting to risk my bones, essential shopping having been finished, I am resorting to a tempory hibernation and enjoying crafts and learning to use my new iPad.....

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