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Ipswich Motorcyclists ... new parking charges by NCP/Greater Anglia

H J in Broke Hall
If you are a motorcyclist, you may be interested to know that NCP/Greater Anglia is about to start charging for motorbike parking at Ipswich Rail Station.

Many people use mopeds / motorbikes to reduce their need to use cars. This has the benefit of less cars on the road and less air pollution, which in Ipswich, is a good thing. Parking at the rail station for motorbikes has been free forever. The parking area is a bit of concrete at the front of the station, where many bikes are crammed in during the week. The area is unsecured, has no lighting, is not treated with salt in bad weather, and has no cover. All these things are provided for cars in the NCP-run car park, for which reasonably, there is a charge.

Ipswich, and one other station is being targeted by NCP for this charge, it seems. All other rail stations along the Norwich to London line don't appear to be impacted, although that might happen in the future?

NCP have announced that they will start charging motorbikes and mopeds to park on that bit of concrete soon. Payment must be made by mobile phone, so it seems that no-one will attend the bit of concrete in person.

If this is of interest to you, you can add your name to the petition set up here:

A meeting with the site managers is being arranged to discuss this, so you can also attend this if you want.

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