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Farmers market

Hi all, being that my family and i are new residents to Watton can you confirm that the monthly farmers market no longer  exists?

I saw an article on-line saying it finnished in July 2012.


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Heather N
There is now a monthly Entrepreneurs Market - giving a helping hand to new businesses.  Should be today but may have been cancelled due to the weather.
Ron F
Thanks Heather, sad that the farmers market no longer exists, is it Watton only that does not have the market?
Gemma G
Hi Heather I would be really interested in the entrepreneurs market.  Do you know who organises it?
Heather N
Hi Gemma  It is organised by the Town Team.  You need to see Chris Edwards who runs Edwards Newsagents on the High Street  
Sarah E
Hi Ron

Just to let you know I'm starting a Monthly Indoor Farmers and Crafters Market at Northgate High School (near the hospital) in Dereham it will be on the 2nd Saturday of every month barring two dates when the school was booked when we should be moving to the Sunday. 

If you'd like to keep up to date there is a Facebook page or you can drop me a line: 
Ron F
Hi Sarah,

Thats great news, thanks for the link, will defenitely visiting the market.

Sarah E
Don't forget the new Farmers and Crafters Market starts today at Northgate High School in Dereham, (the one near the hospital) 10am ' til 3pm.

We've got over 20 stalls coming today, not many farmers coming today but lots of arts and crafts, a few holistic healing ladies and delicious ice cream, cakes, chilli sauces and chutneys and pies, puds and tarts from the Norfolk Pie Man.

Next month will see the Jee-Dee smallholding joining us with eggs and meat both hot and cold.
Heather N
Next Entrepreneurs Market in Watton is March 16th

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