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Clariss Cliff

I have been left two nice Clariss Cliff Jugs.  
When watching TV shows like Dickersons Real Deal I am aware that they are collectible and make good money,
Unfortunately, the nicest one has been broken and although all has been stuck back in place I know it is not been done by an expert.
I wonder if anyone has had any repair work done and if it is worth spending to have it re-done and brought back to how it should be.


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Sorry to hijack your post, but I have a pottery vase that needs restoring so I would also be grateful if anyone can recommend a restorer that would give me an estimate. 

And good luck Derek with your Clarice Cliff.  It is very collectable!
Derek S
Many thanks KT for your interest. If I get a contact I will get back to you.
You can't beat a nice pair of jugs, shame only one is perfect!

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