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Swapping stuff

Bryony H in Barnham
I'm attempting a de-clutter and have quite a lot of stuff I want to pass on to others for a pound or two or swaps either.  I currently could do with a dvd holder and a small 50w aquarium heater
Here's the first few things on my list to pass on:
VHS tapes
Special Edition Gift set  The Best of 'Friends'
Red Dwarf III Byte one and two
Red Dwarf VI Byte one and two
Illustrated Guide to Aquarium Fishes
The Concise Encyclopaedia of Popular Freshwater Tropical fish
A fishkeepers guide to the Tropical Aquarium
The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Aquarium Fish and Fish care
Mad World single performed by Michael Andrews (from film Donnie Darko)
All Saints
Meat Loaf The Collection
Meat Loaf Couldn't have said it better album

Right that's it for the moment, I have lots more but I'll see how these go first.

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