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fen park needs support

I just wanted to know if there are any people (apart from my family and a a couple of friends) that would care a restored park is being left to ruin once again?
The fen park in kirkley, by taxpayers and charity money was beautifully put back to its original glory 2 years ago until many sewerage leaks later. There has yet been no recompense or action.


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Stacy G
Hi become a volunteer or committee member of fen park friends we have meetings once in a while which I could let u know about or basically make some noise about the whole situation. We have now had peter aldous send a letter to anglian water. If there are any councillors on here come an show support too this should not be allowed to happen!
Do u live near fen claire?
Irene O
We were walking through the park a couple of days ago and did notice the smell...what exactly has happened? (I apologise if you have already written to the local press about it and I missed reading it).  I think the Fen Park volunteers have done a wonderful job, I am certainly one of the local people who does appreciate the difference- it would be awful if all their hard work was ruined.
Stacy G
Over the past 2 years there have been leaks from the sewerage plant into the lake. Anglia water assured the council it had fixed the problem which after another leak we found an engineer then putting in the new pump that had just been sitting there. Anglia water are currently avoiding admitting any responsibility and after £150,000 of regeneration + the cost of fish offered £1500 to cover. I am the treasurer of fen park friends and we need the council to take court action as a they own a the land. If this was a open water course this would be a high court case. But the fact I have seen schools pond dipping lessons in water with sewage leaks something needs to be done. We are a small group but are determined to get something done to rectify this problem. If anyone would like to join pls get in contact on here or website or Facebook. Thx sorry for the long message.
Malcolm P
Your Local Councillors are Yvonne Cherry, Gareth Douce and June Ford I suggest people contact them via the WDC webpage.
Tom R
I'm a local resident and I would be more than happy to volunteer to help. There are a couple of schools near the park. We could consider approaching the headteachers to see if we could get up a petition, through the childrens parents, to put pressure on the water board to sort out the problem and focus our local councillors minds on what their constituents want.
Stacy G
You sound just the pro active person we need pls give richard( hes is the chairman) a ring on 01502 515628

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