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Video: town centre shopping survey

New Felixstowe video online: empty shops, charity shops, proposed shops . . our regular look at the town centre:


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Michael R
Candlers building is soon to become a Prezzo's pizza place.
I've seen planning online today when looking at the new supermarket application.
I think it's quite sad so many shops are still closing, Wardrobe and Sarnie bakes didn't even last 3 months.
The reason charity shops can get in is because they have 80% reduction in rates. Surely this means the rates on the other properties are increased to subsidise this
Mike F
Is that the whole of Candlers old building? (There's also a storage building out the back).
Elizabeth A
Wardrobe was very expensive and was in the wrong place. Shops like that need to be more central
Mike F
I can answer my own question having just been speaking to the friendly butcher (The Deben Butcher opposite), who tells me that it is the whole building, including the upstairs, and that there is one in Woodbridge which he rates highly. Also the buildings at the back - plus an extension - will be offices, light industry and a hairdresser.
Nick W
Well, we do seem to be turning into a nation of foodies.  Like many, I am not a great lover of shops turning itno coffee shops, but looking at the arguments that are regularly raised, are they not better than charity shops?  Especially the younger generation are not lovers of cooking (Gos knows I wish they could get the bug... it's great) so providing more choice in eateries that are also open in the evening surely has benefits.

Before the usual bandwagon rolls in, I am not convinced of the argument about late evening slamming of doors and loads of ne'er do wells suddenly trashing the Town because they have had a pizza.

I don't know Prezzo, but an 'eat-in' pizza place that isn't PizzaHut or Pizza Express has to be a step forward.  Opposite the Continental, who have been here years will affect them I have no doubt, and that is always a shame, but choice is good.
Nick W
Okay I have just looked at their website and menus.  Yes please!

Good quality Italian restaurants with a quite wide menu.  At the risk of starting a war.... I think it's just what we need here to complement the Indian, Chinese and Mediterranean (Bencotto) etc.  I will be in there like a shot if they get consent.
Michael R
Elizabeth, how can small shops survive more centrally with such high business rates.
I've heard 3 of the smaller shops in centre now have business rates the same as Argos, because of their prime location, quite ironic!

Marc, I agree again, Prezzos menus look good, not been to one before but ill be happy to give it a go.
That is one positive addition to the town.
Elizabeth A
I am just saying that if more central more people would go in. No shop that is not central does not do well, there r several shops that have been in Orwell road that have had to close. I am not stupid.
Michael R
Sorry Elizabeth I didn't mean it to come across like you were being stupid. I was just playing devils advocate regarding rates.
1) you are completely right regarding orwell road, for some reason that road just doesn't work. Weird really because you would have thought with Ranelagh road car park so close they would have good passing trade.
2) the really interesting thing is shops from triangle up to solar are seeing better business since shared space. Shops there are thriving whereas central Hamilton road (shared space) are struggling. One can only assume parking outside their shops is giving them the advantage, look at delvaux, bakers, fruit and flower they all are doing good business
Elizabeth A
I think that some people are lazy, it is not that far yo walk into the shared space. The council having a lot to answer for, as you say they will never admit to being wrong.
Jonny A
Nick W that made me chuckle when you mention the ne"er do wells.  i spose every town has its share. not for them the ratrace and striving to get farther up the ladder of success . they generally seem quite happy with their lot i have noticed

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